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What is Supervision?

Clinical Supervision may be a new concept for those entering the eating disorders field, especially for registered dietitians.  Supervision provides a safe, non-judgmental space for one to discuss client cases.  

Dietitians have one of the most challenging roles in the eating disorder treatment care team.  Navigating the balance of providing evidence based nutrition interventions while holding the boundaries of your scope of practice is not taught in traditional didactic dietetic programs, yet it is an essential skill in this profession.  Supervisors assist by talking through challenging cases, and provide education and resources on best practices in treating eating disorders.  

CEDRD Nutrition shares their clinical expertise and therapeutic knowledge to help you better understand the physical and psychological aspects of eating disorders.  We also place special importance on your  wellbeing, as this field is extremely mentally and emotionally demanding .  Your supervision also includes time to process the emotions and stressors that you may face, and help ensure proper self care while navigating this challenging yet very rewarding field. 

Face to face supervision services are available to those in the Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina area, and phone/web-based consultations are available for all other areas.

I began work with Jenn in 2015 where I was seeking mentorship and professional guidance. Since then I have moved from contemplating private practice to building a practice working with disordered ea​ting clients and those looking to redefine their relationships with food and self. Meeting Jenn and working with her has been a blessing professionally and personally. Her knowledge and expertise in eating disorders has allowed me to further explore my work in this area and has given me the confidence to go out and do what I've always wanted to do- work in the Eating Disorder field. I am forever grateful for her guidance, wisdom, expertise, and her experience.

Meredith - RDN