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Nutrition Professionals and those wanting to learn more about Health at Every Size (HAES), nutrition therapy for eating disorders, and pathological exercise issues have options...

Individual Supervision

Looking to become a certified eating disorder registered dietitian (CEDRD)? CEDRD Nutrition provides the clinical supervision services approved by iaedp.

New to the idea of supervision? 

Read more here

Group Supervision

Ideal for a small practice of RDNs that may be seeing more clients with disordered eating issues,  or a group of dietitians newer to the field and/or wanting to build an eating disorder specialization.

   Group supervision is also a great way to share costs with colleagues that also are working towards CEDRD certification.

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CEDRD Nutrition Services offers seminars and workshops that can be individualized for your needs.

Opportunities include conference sessions, group workshops, and webinars.

Presentations are tailored for the audience: from eating disorder professionals to community members looking to learn more.

For examples of prior presentations and topics: read more here

Consultation Services

Looking to start or grow your practice and need assistance in how to best market your services?  Want to learn more about the eating disorders field so to best tailor your business?  CEDRD consultation services are available to assist in developing and implementing individualized marketing and outreach strategies.

Working with Jenn has been critical in growing my career in an evidenced-based, professional manner.      I would recommend her as a CEDRD Supervisor to peers and colleagues. Her years of experience within the industry is insightful and helpful. She is personable, easy to work with and most notably passionate about her work. I cannot thank her enough!

Cheyenne, RD


Jenn provides our supervision group with fresh ideas for working with challenging cases. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table on topics such as biochemistry, therapeutic relationships, and new ways to present nutrition information. By offering supervision on all these levels, Jenn helps us understand how to provide quality care in a holistic way.

Mackenzie , RD