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Jenn Burnell MS, RDN/LDN CEDRD-S has given countless presentations on a multitude of topics over her 20+ years as a registered dietitian.   Having specialized in eating disorders since 2003, Jenn has extensive knowledge of the nutritional therapy nuances one must understand to effectively help this population, and has shared this knowledge with thousands.  Audiences include eating disorder professionals, state dietetic associations, dietetic students, and various schools, clubs and organizations eager to learn more.

Examples of past professional presentations are below.  Other topics are welcome and encouraged - please contact Jenn for more information. 

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  • Eating Disorders within the Fitness Industry: An Examination from Both Sides
  • Weight Stigma in Safe Spaces
  • From PE to PE: Development, Understanding, and Interventions for Pathological Exercise
  • Body Language: The Roles of Physical Activity and Movement in Eating Disorder Etiology and Treatment
  • The Ageless Disease of Eating Disorders [Eating Disorders in Older Adults]
  • Nutrition Therapy for Eating Disorders: What Every Dietitian Should Know
  • Eating Disorders and Trauma; Reconnecting to the Body
  • Eating Disorders and Neurochemistry: How much is in Your Head?
  • Eating Disorders: The Importance of the RD
  • Eating Disorders: Causes, Effects, and Treatment