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About Jenn

Jenn has spent the majority of her 20+ year career as a registered dietitian helping individuals with eating disorders and emotional struggles with food.  From the very beginning, she recognized that diets didn't work, and approaches nutrition therapy as one that nourishes the body and also heals the soul.  Jenn is a strong Health At Every Size (HAES) advocate, and focuses on changing one's relationship with food.  She is a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian (CEDRD) and supervises other dietitians in using HAES principles and evidence-based eating disorder approaches with their clients.

As an international speaker on the subjects of eating disorders, compulsive exercise, and weight stigma, Jenn is passionate in connecting and educating other professionals.  Jenn has also been a group fitness leader since 1991, and is working to train fitness instructors on identification and referrals for disordered eating issues.  

In her free time, Jenn enjoys yoga, paddle boarding, watching college sports, playing with her dog, volunteering at her local SPCA, and being the Coolest Aunt Ever to her niece and nephew.